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The return of the worst blogger ever…….

True to form, close to three months after my last post I finally get around to posting again. I keep promising myself I will do better but I wouldn’t hold my breath! Anyway I hope everyone has had a great start to 2018, mine has been fairly eventful. Take Me Out at the Knitting Factory last month was an

Take Me Out — The Echoplex 3/3

amazing night and I would like to thank everyone for coming out and dancing your arses off and we hope you join us at the same venue Saturday 24th March for the next Brooklyn edition. Speaking of Take Me Out I have just returned from Los Angeles where I was spinning at the Los Angeles

On the decks at The Echoplex 3/3

edition which turned out to be a truly epic night full of ecstatic dancing, good vibes and unbridled enthusiasm and it was a joy to DJ! I was also fortunate enough to spin with two other amazing DJs, Joel at the Disco and Justin Cornwall so a shout out to them too! I look forward to returning! In addition to Los Angeles I will also be taking Take Me Out to The Empire Control Room in Austin, Texas Saturday 14 April and just announced to The Great Northern in San Francisco Saturday 26 May.

Meanwhile Morrissey Nite at Paul’s Casablanca continues to go strong Sunday nights and look for an announcement soon on a new exciting semi regular night coming at you soon. Other projects are in the works too so stay tuned!

It has been a fairly vicious start to the new year weather wise here on the East Coast but that means more time reading, watching and listening which is no

Peter Perrett ‘How The West Was Won’

bad thing. Finally got around to the first three seasons of Peaky Blinder which I loved and have also surprisingly been enjoying the new season of Homeland which I had basically given up on. I have also been on a bit of a re-read binge of late having just plowed through Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (brought on having read the first installment ‘La Belle Sauvage’ of his connected trilogy The Book Of Dust) all of which are excellent reads. I also finally replaced and re-read my long ago lost copy Luc Sante’s Low Life a tremendous book chronicling the history of underclass of New York City and in particular Lower East Side up to the early 20th century. A sordid story of gangs, slumlords, crooked politicians/police forces, hookers, thieves, murderers, other ne’er-d0-wells and other related good stuff — a truly awesome book! It even tells the true story of Bill the Butcher! I recently saw Black Rebel Motorcycle at Brooklyn Steel (a venue I happen to love) who put on an tremendous show. Their new album ‘Wrong Creatures’ is well worth a listen and has been a mainstay on my turntable of late. Franz Ferdinand’s latest ‘Always Ascending’ is also well worth a listen, they never seem to disappoint. I have been a long time fan of The Only Ones, best known for the classic single ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ they were a truly amazing power pop/new wave/punk band who released three studio albums in the late 70s, early 80s before lead singer/songwriter Peter Perrett succumbed to addiction. Various rumors surfaced from time to time about comebacks or more often than not of drug related paranoia. Ten odd years ago I think there was some kind of Only Ones reunion but no new music. That was until last year when it was announced that a Peter Perret solo album was forthcoming. I now have said album, ‘How The West Was Won’ and it surpassed all my expectations,┬áhe has not lost any of his

Shame ‘Songs Of Praise’

sardonic way with words but it is mature record and I can not recommend it enough! Also his sons are his backing bands. Also recently released is the debut album by South London’s Shame, ‘Songs Of Praise’. I had the pleasure of seeing Shame at Baby’s Alright last year and they blew me away, at the time I said they reminded me of an unholy cross between Gang Of Four, The Ruts and Fugazi. I would add a bit of the Fall is there too but their debut album ‘Songs Of Praise’ has been released and it’s banger which all should pick up!

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